Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Free admission into the MOMA today........

Jasper Johns----- seeing with the minds eye
Is around until Feb. 3rd you have to go check it out

Jasper Johns
- Born May 15 1930 in Georgia. He is age 89.

-He did not take any formal art classes as a child.

-After high school he studied at Parsons School of Design in NY for a few semesters.

- One of the most important American painters of the 20th century best known for his paintings of maps, flags, numbers and targets.

- Close friends with Robert Rauschenberg another American artist whom he met in NY. Their work is often said to have inspired one another.

The Highway 1959

Numbers in Color- 1958

 Kinder and first grade kids art inspired by Jasper Johns

In this class we learned all about Jasper Johns and a bit of US geography along the way...

Foam numbers and letters painted with acrylic on CD cases

Jasper Johns

xxo Molz

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