Monday, February 6, 2012

Yesterday I went around the mission instead of watching the football game and found some really cool stuff. None of which I bought since I always think to myself - "I could make that" and well- usually never do but its the thought that is important. I guess.

Craft project #1.They are just simple gold hoops with a dream catcher woven inside with thread and decorated with random beads. I would tell you the shop but I can not recall. hmmm

Craft project # 2- These are like my favorite rings ever- The ring part is made of clay.
Project #3- plant some very resilient things in old pots. Resilient is the key word here. This was from a store front- Clothes Contact
This is a pretty horrible picture but if you look you can see the floating glass with cactus in them. (same store)

Craft project #4-These dresses were at 454 gallery in North Beach. All dresses made out of various things from SCRAP.(This place in sf that sells scraps, old mags, random trinkets) They have old National Geographics for 75 cents. Sooo if you are a crafty person you MUST visit:

Stuffed animal dress 

Faux Flower Dress

                                                                          Dress of Ropes

Molly O'

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