Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ophelia's Insanity

So another session of fashion classes is here and all the girls are trying to come up with inspiration for their next collections. What I love about the internet (maybe the only thing) is you could take any idea/theme/concept or inspiration and find all kinds of articles, images and video on that one idea. 
Everything has been done.  Vivienne Westwood was quoted saying "I'm not trying to be different, I'm trying to do the same thing in a different way. "Its a simple concept but a nice thought. 

I was talking to Joel the other day about the Gucci Fall Collection and mentioned that Frida Giannini (the creative director/designer) offered up the death of Ophelia and that sort of romanticism as one of her inspirations for the line. A funny thought struck me. Ophelia's death has been inspiration to so much art, music, fashion and film it is overwhelming. Her part was fairly small in Hamlet but the statement she made was huge. I would go as far to say that Shakespeare's Ophelia was only the seed and from it came all of these other creations that are just as, if not more beautiful than the original part. 
Sometimes, maybe always, what we create may feel like a finished work but it is only a stepping stone to the next masterpiece.

Gucci fall 2012

Gucci Fall 2012

Gucci Fall 2012

Soprano Mignon Nevada as Ophelia in an operatic adaptation of Hamlet, circa 1910.

File:Dante Gabriel Rossetti - The First Madness of Ophelia.JPG
The First Madness of Ophelia by Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Ophelia- John Everett Millais 1951

Ophelia-  Alexandre Cabanel
The Addam's Family- Morticia's sister Ophelia

I know I know, how do I make everything come back around to Florence Welch? I don't know, its a gift.
Florence and the Machine- What the water gave me

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